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about larrikin entertainment

About Larrikin

Often I Find That I Am Naked by Fiona Sprott 2016

Larrikin Entertainment Ensemble    

is a professional non-profit theatre company located in Whitehorse, the capital city of the Yukon Territory.

Date of establishment: 

September 15, 2015

Executive Artistic Producer

Katherine McCallum 

Board of directors: 

James McCullough (President); 

Ciara Stick (Vice President); 

Val McCallum (Secretary/Treasurer); Carla Brehmer (Director); 

Lenore Morris (Director).


Larrikin Entertainment Ensemble is a non-profit, independent, professional production company dedicated to:

Producing and presenting professional entertainment of the highest quality in a variety of mediums.

Supporting the employment and career      development of entertainment professionals from within Yukon, throughout Canada, and internationally.

Providing mentorship for new and emerging artists, writers and technicians.

Creating and building strong relationships with local, territorial, national and international sponsors, communities, government and private enterprises.

The pursuit of excellence.

Larrikin Past


Often I Find That I Am Naked 

by Fiona Sprott

January 26 - February 8, 2016

Directed by Eva Hamburg

Featuring Jeremiah Kitchen, Doug Mayr and Katherine McCallum


“Naked” is an insanely hilarious, sometimes ridiculous, frighteningly poignant investigation into the life of an eminently likeable, wildly successful, chronically single career woman - Jezebel. 

"Naked" follows Jezebel’s madcap misadventures through a series of high-octane monologues as she navigates the treacherous waters of the single’s scene, and finds herself in a vast array of devastatingly bizarre encounters with a seemingly endless string of male suitors, using various life aids such as excessive alcohol consumption, social anxiety, gynecological inappropriateness and auto-induced starvation (just to name a few). Jezebel drinks, thrusts and charms her way into date after disastrously hilarious date searching for the ever-elusive love factor.

The Syringa Tree 

by Pamela Gien

November 8 - 26, 2017

Directed by Laura McLean

Featuring Katherine McCallum


Powerful. Funny,. Devastating. Brilliant. 

The beautifully evocative story of an unshakable love between two families - one black, one white - and the two children that are born into their shared household in 1960’s apartheid-controlled South Africa. 

At first seen through the eyes of a child, the story of these families’ destinies spans four generations, from early apartheid to the present-day free South Africa. With charming humor and palpable fear, six-year-old Elizabeth Grace tries to make sense of the chaos, magic, and darkness of Africa. 

Directed by Laura McLean (MFA Directing – The Old Vic, England) and performed by Katherine McCallum (Often I Find That I Am Naked, Boston Marriage),

Larrikin Present

Cast and crew of North of the Sixtieth Parallel - A Zeitgeist Cabaret

North of the Sixtieth Parallel - 

A Zeitgeist Cabaret

A Larrikin Entertainment/Atomic Vaudeville Joint

In cooperation with the Yukon Arts Centre 

Presented at The Old Fire Hall Tues-Sat April 16-27, 2019

More easily described by what it might NOT be - variety show, sketch comedy, burlesque, musical theatre - this Cabaret is a collective labour of love that pushes theatre, kicking and screaming, into the future by fusing the common and secret joy of coarse amusement with a conscious desire to engage in a thoughtful dialogue about our uneasy connected existence as people in a community. Think Monty Python meets the Muppet Show. Think mini musical about a girl who just wants to be Yukon Famous. Think hipster Beachcombers. Think...actually, try not to think too much at all. 

artistic executive producer


Katherine McCallum is a professional actor and producer working in theatre, film and television in Whitehorse, Yukon. 

A graduate of Macquarie University’s Theatre Production degree (AUS) and The Atlantic Theater Company’s professional acting program in New York City, Katherine has been producing theatre for over twenty-five years. Her diverse career has seen her; tour with The Bell Shakespeare Company (AUS); coach actors on ABC’s police drama Wild Side (AUS); teach at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA - AUS); grace the stage in countless theatrical productions, occasionally appear on TV and in film; serve a four year tenure as artistic director of The Guild, YT, and produce over 25 plays. Katherine is a founding member and the Artistic Executive Producer of Larrikin Entertainment Ensemble.


What our audiences had to say...

Often I Find That I Am Naked


  • “Definitely go see Naked!” – Keith Halliday, Yukon News 
  • “Hilarious!! Very sexy! The Bartender/Dog made our entire Night.”
  • “A MUST SEE!!!” 
  • “Saw the show tonight...it did NOT disappoint! Fantastic! Hilarious! Getting rave reviews for a reason!” 
  • “Two Thumbs Up!!! A sad, pathetic humorous insight into the reality of singledom. Highly recommend.” 
  • “Superb. Go! Check it out. Don't let this one get away.”
  • “Hilarious, cringe-worthy, naughty, funny, inappropriate, awkward, truthful, twisted, shocking, hilarious - did I mention hilarious???” 

The Syringa Tree


  • "Fantastic character work! Beautiful and heart wrenching story.” 
  • "A word of appreciation for the invigorating night of theatre last night. I very much enjoyed the performance, designs, and welcoming atmosphere of the venue...Congrats to you and the entire team for bringing this stirring piece of theatre to the Territory." - Casey Prescott (CEO - YAC)
  • “Truly amazing. I was fixated. Drawn in by her incredible talent. Very special evening."
  •  “A most powerful and emotionally moving story. Get your ticket and go see it!"
  • "Went last night and this show is amazing. How she remembered to morph into each character and do it so seamlessly was amazing."
  • "Went to this show last night, wow amazing. Seriously amazing one woman show. Grab a friend and go!"
  •  "A compelling, well-written play, of real substance, beautifully performed. I urge you to grab a ticket and experience it while it lasts."
  • "An emotional, moving, play of a childhood under apartheid in South Africa. Everything from the acting, to the set and lighting design was so well executed. Congratulations to the cast and crew on a job very well done! Don't miss out on this Whitehorse. Such a moving, and timely piece." 

Upcoming Show

April 16 - 27, 2019

North of the Sixtieth Parallel - A Zeitgeist Cabaret

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Tuesday - Saturday @ The Old Fire Hall

Event Details

April 16 - 27, 2019

North of the Sixtieth Parallel - A Zeitgeist Cabaret

Larrikin Entertainment and The Yukon Arts Centre present an Atomic Vaudeville/Larrikin joint. A super-collage of live entertainment shenanig...

Event Details

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Tuesday - Saturday @ The Old Fire Hall


Larrikin's Next Show!

North of the Sixtieth Parallel - A Zeitgeist Cabaret


Larrikin Entertainment and the Yukon Arts Centre

in association with 

Atomic Vaudeville

proudly present 

North of The Sixtieth Parallel - A Zeitgeist Cabaret

Hot on the heels of their 80th Cabaret in Victoria, and their runaway success with the musicals Ride The Cyclone and Legoland, Atomic Vaudeville are joining forces with Larrikin Entertainment (The Syringa Tree, Often I Find That I Am Naked) and a plethora of local performers to present a whacky, zany, off-the-wall collage of theatrical insanity, singing, dancing, satire, stand-up-sit-down-roll-around comedic relief in which Yukon audiences can indulge at the end of a long, dark winter. 

  • Directed by Britt Small. 
  • Written by Jacob Richmond and Britt Small with the Yukon writing team (Angela Drainville, Jenny Hamilton, Mark Keopke, Katherine McCallum and Claire Ness)
  • Music by Alex Wlasenko
  • Musical Direction by Scott Maynard
  • Designed by Michel Gignac (set), Patrick Matheson (LX), Lea-Ann McNally (props), Graham Rudge and RJ Smith (costumes)
  • Featuring: Brenda Barnes, Genevieve Doyon, Angela Drainville, Jane Gaudet, Chris Hine, Jeremiah Kitchen, Chris Lovatt, Katherine McCallum, Jim McGeragle, Sarah Murphy, Paris Pick, Kelly Scott, Kaori Torigai, Grant Waters, Brandon Wicke and a superfluity of special celebrity guests
  • Stage Manager: RJ Smith
  • Tech manager: Jess McNabb (Old Fire Hall)
  • Co-producer: Casey Prescott (CEO Yukon Arts Centre)
  • Marketing: Victoria Kennedy
  • Graphic Design: Tanya Handley - Bearbait design
  • Production manager: Katherine McCallum
  • Front of house manager: Val McCallum
  • Photographer: Cathie Archbould - Archbould Photography
  • Videography: tba 
  • Larrikin Entertainment Board members: James McCullough (President); Ciara Stick (Vice President); Valerie McCallum (Secretary/Treasurer); Carla Brehmer (Director); Lenore Morris (Director). 

April 16 -27, 2019

Tuesday to Saturday, 8pm

At The Old Fire Hall

Tickets at: yukontickets.com

don't just come to our show!...

Go see The Drowsy Chaperone at the Guild Hall


A Broadway fanatic listens to a recording of the fictional 1928 musical comedy, ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’. As she listens to this rare recording she is transported into the musical. The characters appear and her dingy apartment is transformed into a glorious Broadway set with seashell footlights, sparkling furniture and over the top costumes.

Bursting with show-stopping song and dance this musical parody is a five-time Tony Award winner!

Directed by Jessica Hickman, with Musical Direction by Brooke Maxwell, the Guild's production features Lindy-Jo Aston, Fiona Azizaj, Brenda Barnes, Brett Chandler, James Croken, Stephen Dunbar-Edge, Breagha Fraser, Sophia Marnik, James McCullough, Odile Nelson, Roy Ness, Annie O'Connor, Dave Paquet, and Telek Rogan.

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